Creating a Crystal Guitar. Energy Art – Claudine West

Creating art is an exquisite experience. To release colour, shapes, visions, abstracts into surfaces, objects is something that Iā€™ve enjoyed from childhood. Our home is filled with it. Alas itā€™s time to progress and create more to sell for more collectors to enjoy. I canā€™t take it with me when I pop my Clogsā€¦ and only my Vlogs and music remain. 

I do love the solitude and mindfulness experienced with creation.Ā Claudine West Art link

Therapy for all the damage ā€˜normalityā€™ does. 

Time to not glance at the horrors of the news, the manipulations of facts, the speculations and opinions that only lead to dark thoughts and times. 

My clouds are colourful. As my hands ageā€¦ each second.. each moment. I make the most of my every day dexterity. I choose legacy and bliss. Thank the power of Specsavers for Varifocals in ones mid 40ā€™s!Ā 

My latest work in progress: 

Creating a Crystal Guitar. Energy Art – Claudine West – Video.

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My name is Claudine. I channel beautiful things. I’m a Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, independent self published Musician, Artist and Author of my Kindle book;Ā Claudsville Blogs and Biog of a Bog Woppit.

I compose, perform, record and release instrumental, soundtrack, meditation music. Listen here >Ā Earth Tree Healing. I create colourful abstract oil paintings on recycled canvas I find at car boot sales etc. I’d be eternally grateful of funding to invest in release my musical content to the world and ideally, to be creative and collaborate with others full time. I’d like to be able to focus wholly helping others relax and embrace higher vibrations through music.

I’d like your help, your kindness to pursue my dream and realise my true potential. To give more to the world. Please invest in me so I can invest more into creating music and art. If you cannot invest financially. Could you invest with sharing my music to help its exposure to the world. Could you invest in sharing contacts to help me?Ā Ā 

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