Meditation Chronicles by Earth Tree Healing
Meditation Chronicles by Earth Tree Healing

Meditation, New Age and Instrumental Music by Earth Tree Healing  (Claudine West)

‘From the moment I picked up a guitar and tinkered on piano keys as a child. Putting multiple instruments together like a jigsaw was a thrill. I’ve enjoyed composing instrumental music, since my first 4 track recorder as a teenager. I always knew I was different. I didn’t fit in to the norm. Whatever the norm is? I discovered my roots after years travelling my musical journey. Behind the veil, its always been there… present. I’d just been too involved in other things. Once those other things ended. The doors unlocked and opened. I found me, some great  friends, teachings, awe and acceptance in Paganism. I embrace the beauty of nature daily in moments and the want for a simpler life in the wilderness is the dream that becomes. From negative ions by the sea that energise me, to embracing Mother Earth and finding my own bliss…my calling in Spirituality was like a 2nd puberty. I’d also trained as a Reiki practitioner, having met lots of like minded souls. I released my first instrumental/guided meditation album ‘Meditation Chronicles’ in 2014. Followed by Citadel, Archangel Divination, The Journey (with Sally Wathen) Archangel Divination 2, 8 Sabbats. Being me, being inspired. Between drumming in a Rock Band. I create music that I love, connect to and through, to meditate, relax and practice Reiki to. Earth Tree Healing Music now has a number of albums available. I continue to collaborate with myself, my instruments and others. I hope you enjoy listening as much I as do creating.’  – Claudine

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1.7.2018 – Reiki

Reiki Album Cover



The Making Of Candle Gardeners Blog

30.05.2018 – Candle Gardeners


Candle Gardeners video playlist

TBA 2018 Guided Meditation Earth Tree Healing & Sally Wathen Album

31.10.2017 8 Sabbats UPC 859723020938


8 Sabbats Video playlist

25.01.2017 The Journey (Featuring Sally Wathen)

Available on Bandcamp


25.02.2017 Archangel Divination 2 UPC 859718688365


05.11.2016 Archangel Divination UPC 859718321873


01.10.2016 – Citadel

Available on bandcamp

Version 2

05.10.2014 – Meditation Chronicles

Available on Bandcamp

Meditation Chronicles by Earth Tree Healing
Meditation Chronicles by Earth Tree Healing


I’ve found true bliss travelling this musical journey, whilst drumming and playing other instruments in band Strange Currencies

Angela Barker Tarot

Sally Wathen at Rainbow Bridge

Archangel Divination : Earth Tree Healing

I began this journey in 2016. Connecting with Angels. Channelling feelings, energy, wisdom. Their insights into a beautiful realm, earthbound, skywards. The heavenly vibrations. As a composer I meditated and let the notes and beauty of this work simply flow. My intentions are for you the listener to experience a blissful soundscape that enables connection, divine messages, relaxation and healing.  Enjoy – Claudine West

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Track listing and The Archangels

Angels surround us. Watch upon us. Protect, advise, comfort. When I call upon Archangels. I sit, I close my eyes, I meditate. I dream, I see. I feel safe. I ask, I see answers. Music helps channel, music inspires, music unlocks. Music is creation and makes vibrations.  When you receive messages and experience Divine beauty and guidance. Through your own belief system. You can access when you simply ask for help and guidance. Tap into the important messages. Enjoy.

  1. Gabriel Awakens 

Archangel Gabriel: Ask for guidance and messages, communication. Helps you to understand a situation. 

  1. Archangel Michael 

Archangel Michael:  Ask Michael for protection, for strength, truth and justice. Ask him for guidance.

  1. Raphael’s Healing 

Archangel Raphael: Ask for healing of your mind, body and spirit.

  1. Uriel’s Illuminations 

 Archangel Uriel: Ask for illumination, insight, wisdom and information.

  1. Raguel 

Archangel Raguel:  Ask for help with relationships, harmony, resolution of issues and problems. Empowerment to gain justice with a situation.

  1. Ramiel’s Divine Visions 

Archangel Ramiel: (Aka Jeremiel) – Ask Ramiel to show you divine visions. experience hope and dreams. Find your way and new ways to pave your future path. 

  1. Azrael 

Archangel Azrael:  Ask for help with Grief,Support with loss and comfort.

8.Archangel Michael’s Protection (Reprise) 


Album : Archangel Divination II 

Earth Tree Healing 25.02.17

‘Seeking solace from mind chatter. Music heals. In these moments I sit a protective circle of inner peace on a beautiful prairie. Where cotton floats in the breeze under a metallic blue sky. An emerald forest, where ferns caress as I pass. I reach the beach. This place is golden and blissful. The waves gently tantalise the shoreline. The air I breathe is fresh, it revitalises me. I close my eyes and inhale deeply. I am grateful for amazing during this alive time in this body in this life.’


When I close my eyes and channel energies. A comfort blanket of darkness envelops me and I drift. I drift to pure relaxation. Upon waking body and mind are calm. I feel good. Coping with everyday stresses I now tolerate. Coping with the other things.. It gives me comfort and strength. I regularly speak to Angels. I ask for help, advice and sunshine.’ Enjoy.

‘The album is relaxation sustenance for the soul. Great for Yoga, meditation and chilling out. From the opening track ‘Guardian Angel’ to the deep and cosmic ‘Metatron.’ I listen to this when I travel, can’t sleep and practice Reiki. Connecting with the angels is a journey to embrace. I’ve found a deeper inner peace. Reassurance that we can ask for help, guidance, protection. This is the sound of blue skies that break through dark clouds and show the sunshine. The smell of freshly mown grass after the rain. The crystal clarity of visions during meditations. The signs. The calm. There is also the first album to try. P.S. Also good while doing the housework!’ Close your eyes, get comfortable, focus on your breathing and let this music help you connect, travel, relax, vision quest, explore, communicate…

Archangel Divination II iTunes Link

  1. Guardian Angel (9.21)
  2. Ariel                      (9.01)
  3. Jophiel                 (4.04)
  4. Metatron             (17.39)
  5. Sandalphon        (7.39)
  6. Zadkiel                 (5.23)
  7. Haniel                  (5.15)
  8. Raziel                   (6.45)
  9. Chamuel             (4.40)

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