There is something magical about standing on the Earth amongst Trees in silence listening, breathing, Healing. Which is where Earth Tree Healing originated. I create music to what inspires me and comes through me.

Earth Tree Healing is spiritual, meditation and instrumental new age music. It manifests melody, beauty, calm and well-being. ‘It brings me, the composer happiness and contentment creating music. I’m a strong believer that beautiful music enhances wellbeing. I hope it continues to be enjoyed to more and more wonderful souls worldwide and beyond.’

Claudine West 2022

Self taught Multi-instrumentalist/Composer Claudine West is professionally known as Artist Earth Tree Healing. This is new age and instrumental music for celestial love, connection, meditation, evocation and relaxation. The cosmos is built upon harmonies, rhythm and is the essence of the ebb and flow of divine healing. Its vibrations and frequencies entwine with universal life force energies. Embrace its caress, tenderness, comfort, vitality. This music also accompanies guided meditations by Angela Barker.

CD’s available also from Fenix Flames

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Earth Tree Retreat is a collectiveness of spiritual, holistic and metaphysical practices. Creativity channelled. It interweaves: Angela Barker Tarot, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology, Guided Meditations, Home and Business Cleansing, Herbal Incense, Workshops, Reiki, Music.

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The track Goddess Temple from album Goddess was featured on playlist Pure Meditation 2018-2019 and reached out worldwide through Apple Music. Pure Meditation by Apple Music Electronic Dear Curator, whoever you are. Thank you for helping me reach the world more.

Claudine West (Earth Tree Healing) is a Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Reiki Practitioner, Artist and Author of Claudsville Blogs and Biog of a Bog Woppit.

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Claudine West