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Self taught & Composer Claudine West is professionally known as artist Earth Tree Healing. ‘I am blessed my music is listened to in over 160 countries in the world.’ This is new age and instrumental music for celestial love, connection, meditation, relaxation. Earth Tree Healing music manifests music of melody, beauty, calm and well-being. Claudine also creates instrumental tracks with hooks: electronic, rhythmical, experimental and acoustic for soundtracks. As well as collaborations with others.

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Music manifests tranquility and spiritual connection.
Instrumental, melodic offerings support blissful relaxation and peaceful meditation.

With a worldwide reach and a number of albums released. This music benefits seekers of calm globally.

Born in Nottingham, England. Independent artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer Claudine West is professionally known as artist Earth Tree Healing.
Self taught on anything she can get her hands on. A founding member of folk band ‘The Idolins’ (acoustic guitar, mandolin and banjo.) Claudine has also spent decades drumming funk, blues, jazz and rock in bands – she is currently doing just that and enjoying it immensely (paralleled with ETH) in Nottingham’s ‘Stinking Rita.’

With a passion for keyboards and piano tinkling, she is also a collector of different instruments.
From her home studio, healing space and Reiki practice. Her personal need to chill out continues to manifest musically.

ETH was born in 2014. Claudine performs her music live at well-being, Mind, Body & Spirit, Pagan events and festivals. Partner Angela Barker (Tarot Reader/Psychic) accompanies with guided meditations.
She has a book ‘Claudsville Blogs and Biog of a Bog Woppit’ documenting her journey.
The cosmos is built upon harmonies, rhythm and is the essence of the ebb and flow of divine healing. It’s vibrations and frequencies entwine with universal life force energies. Embrace.

Earth Tree Healing – Genre: New Age, Instrumental, Spiritual, Meditation, Soundtrack music.

Claudine West:  For enquiries for music: Libraries. TV, adverts, films, gaming etc. claudsville@yahoo.co.uk and Ange +44 07887490203

Earth Tree Healing encapsulates. Angela Barker Tarot, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology, Guided Meditations, Home and Business Cleansing, Herbal Incense, Workshops, Reiki, Music. https://angelabarkertarot.com/

Clange 2019
Claudine West & Angela Barker


“Claudine began playing instruments when she was around 13 years old. But even as a young child the tinklings and inklings had begun. With an natural ability with instruments such as piano, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, drums. She has created many works over a number of decades : “The style of the songs ranges from something close to traditional folk, to a more dreamy sound, all the way to an electro Tori Amos, this is definitely an artist not to be pigeon holed.”  https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/claudine-west

The guitar started young

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Music tapped my ancestors on their giant shoulders and helped them create me.  Inheriting a talent for music from Great Grandad and Grandma Drew. A talent for creating vibrant art came from my from Grandad Bill (bottom left)

EST. 1959

I also love to paint with oils. Art has really enhanced my relaxation and wellbeing.

Claudine West Art


Drawn to and excited by any music instrument. My formative years were spent learning chords and melodies on by birthday and xmas presents.. Bontempi and Casio, Yamaha keyboards. A classical guitar bought by my parents on a holiday in Norfolk launched sore fingers and many hours of practicing. I spent lunch breaks at school in the music block playing piano, instrument swapping and sitting in the dark store cupboard learning guitar chords in the dark. After an introduction to the drum kit during a music lesson by my music teacher Simon Davie. So began the journey into percussion. Performing jazz, rock and blues. With few drum lessons/pointers. Self taught on all of my instruments.
I don’t read music. I channel it, I feel it. I create it to relax to. Music to accompany the beauty in this world. My music juxtaposed with my colourful artworks.
From my first trusty Fostex 4 track tape recorder, to reel to reel multi-tracks. I progressed into early adulthood and into the digital recording revolution, whilst enjoying grunge music and frequenting gigs and a little head banging at Rock City, Nottingham: R.E.M. Suzanne Vega and Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Tori Amos, The Doors, Thomas Newman are amongst many other influences.

I began performing live at live mics night and jamming with other musicians. I spent years enduring pre gig nerves.


I wrote and recorded for many years, in my 20’s with under the pseudonym of ‘Bog Woppit’ with Guitarist Graham Skelton-Ruth (Grimm aka Yeti) Spending many all night sessions writing, recording and indulging in creative processes. Solitude spawned a very productive decade lyrically and musically.


I met Karen Smalley-Turner at a live mic night at The Lion, in Basford, Nottingham. Grimm and I offered to record her in the home studio, as loved her voice and sound. This began a special musical partnership and friendship.


After his sudden unexpected death when I was 27. Heartbroken, I sobered up and soul searched, led me to embrace further and co-founder with Karen Smalley-Turner the band The Idolins. A decade of good times, memories and music making followed. I created the name from a play on the Final Fantasy ‘War Gods’ ‘Eidolons’ creating a combination of idols and stringed instruments. Folk pop. This enabled me to excel in my finger picking techniques coming up with hooks and exploring more instruments. I swapped between regularly between banjo, mandolin and guitar. Recording keyboard piano parts and drums also on studio albums. ‘Sound Of the Rain’ and ‘You Said.’

The Idolins at Greenwich Park. 2012 Olympic Games

For the full story you can read my book. Claudsville Blogs and Biog of a Bog Woppit

In 2014 I left the Idolins and pursued a new challenge playing drums for a couple of years in Rock/Funk band Subway Circus.

In my alternate instrumental career and parallel musical universe. A ‘hot healing hands’ discovery during a drunken rehearsal, during my Idolins residency. Plus a spiritual ‘sort your ego out’ discussion in Wales, from an influential family member. In 2010 I studied and became a practitioner of Shoden and Okuden Reiki. Having always felt different. I discovered, involved, evolved and made new friends with similar beliefs and ways of life in the Nottingham Pagan Community. After having past life regression. I received answers to ‘the whys, the dreams, the being drawn to, the lessons learned and to learn.’ Finding much peace in meditation and connecting with Angels. I wanted to create soundtracks for my practice of connection to spirit, nature and energies. So I finally embraced my true self. In 2014 I began creating my own music to meditate to and channel Universal Life Force Energies. I embraced creating soundscapes for peace, exploration and a quiet mind. New Age and Instrumental works available under Earth Tree Healing

I’ve collaborated with Sally Wathen at Rainbow Bridge for guided meditations.

Sally Wathen

In 2016 Subway Circus split. Claudine and Lead Vocalist (From Subway Circus) Paul Phillip Johnson formed Strange Currencies. Originally an acoustic alternative rock duo that then evolved into the full Rock band. Claudine departed the line up late in 2019 to pursue new projects.


September 4th 2019

Stinking Rita launched September 4 2019.

A collision of dirty blues, funk and soul. The secret’s in the sauce.


Original Stinking Rita line up
Stinking Rita 2022



Claudine is Handfasted to, lives and goes on adventures with soulmate and manager Angela Barker. They share a love nature, spiritualty, laughter of animals and their rescue cats Pattie Pops, Rambo and Tipsy.

Angela Barker and Claudine West #Clange
Pattie and Rambo
Pattie and Rambo