Indie Road Movie is a new instrumental album by Claudine West. Released 1st February 2020. 15 tracks for road journeys. Upbeat. Electronic, Raw. In between recording relaxing meditation music as Earth Tree Healing. I’ve enjoyed playing with loops and keyboards in my home studio. Part of my work as a musician and composer is writing, looping, experimenting to accompany visuals. 2019 was spent adding music to Pond5 stock music library.

Music has spoken more for me than words. I don’t feel the need to rant at the moment, to tell you all something you already know. An opinion you agree or disagree with. I wanted to quieten my chatter and speak through vibrations. 2019 was a time of loss, of not looking after ‘me’ very well. Very much locking myself away in studio to indulge. This is always a good thing. But I neglected getting out into nature, just walking, breathing in the sky. We travelled a lot which has been where the concept for Indie Road Movie came from. Music for exploration. A rhythm for the road. I’ve been working on tracks for over a year in between the other Earth Tree Healing albums. Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure. I get a bit of a ‘foot tappety tap, slap your flip flops round someones face and then embrace them vibe.’ I get the I need to escape from where I’m at right now vibe and travel to quench the thirst of the impulse to run. This is by no means my relationship. Its about us both feeling the need to go and explore.

Last night on New Years Eve 2019. I attended a Gong Bath. I’ve been ill with a bug for a few days. Stuck at home, Riding my horsey called ‘Biscuit’ about on Red Dead Redemption 2. Realising I simply cannot catch the white wild horse near the lake and giving up in a weakened rage. Time to disappear somewhat, meditate and eat more greens.

A refreshing, healing thing. Read blog by Ange here >

Being on my spiritual path, meeting like minded souls is educational. Being amongst good vibes is comforting. But…I still have to humanly address idiotic bad behaviours and actions. I don’t tolerate or stomach: bullies, liars, selfish, negative draining behaviours/people or folk that rip you off. They have no place in my world and get uninvited to sharing a path with me. Gut wrenching instincts are best acknowledged.

I didn’t have issue with Notts/Derby band Strange Currencies. 3 months ago I left on a positive note after their last gig of the year, ensuring they weren’t left without a drummer, then had winter to comfortably recruit and rehearse. But…. Seeing as co-written songs are being fraudulently ripped off. It is time to spill… Sit back, relax.

2019 was a time for change and moving on. I’d suffered a frustrating year spent hoping, in a band that stagnated. A band that did not go into studio to get the tracks recorded professionally to realise the full potential. Not through lack of trying to encourage it to happen. No EP or album release of music that reflected the music that band performed live. (Certainly a barrier was 1 member of the band didn’t want to pay for it)

We’d demoed tracks and recorded them in a rehearsal room. Now the newly named band #ROE releasing them under new titles. Well… well…as a co songwriter and them being PRS registered… well!

I left Strange Currencies as there was no more progression for me. The fun was slowly sucked out of any final bit of enthusiasm by the end of 2018. Reason? One individual continued to shat on the shoreline. – Let us say for examples: unsavory behaviours, moods, bitch fits, lying (a particular pork pie that was excruciating, was telling the audience that we had supported Foo Fighters) being ungrateful at all of the free lifts, taking his shit out on our band manager and trying to hide that from the rest of the band. The attempts at manipulation were pathetic. A power struggle over control, being creepy. What part of ‘I’m a lesbian in a happy relationship’ that was not understood? I highly suspect their behaviours were historical too in previous bands and will sadly occur in the future. Fortunately not by problem to witness anymore and it is blissful.

Having no understanding of how much effort you have to put in on social media (which I spent a lot of time on) or the advantages of releasing ones music on Spotify, iTunes etc to get your music out there. Being a very depressive shadow in my band life – which in turn affected me personally, that I no longer wanted to be around. Even getting pissed up wasn’t fun last year. For the final 6 months, I’d sit in rehearsals not wanting to be there, pretending, hoping things would get better. I amicably announced my departure at the last gig for them, The D.H. Lawrence Festival. September 2019.

Working with new people had been giving me the buzz. I was busy with other projects. I decided after much humming and harring to step away as my heart was no longer in it. Band death had occurred for me. (Newsflash: When musicians leave bands, it’s mostly because they don’t want to be in them anymore – ‘end of’ chuckle chump) it really doesn’t matter if I left to watch paint dry, save the planet, invent a new flavour, get stoned with Reptillians. I’ve gone. It is what it is buttercup. I don’t remember being under any contractually binding obligations to stick with.

‘How it looks…’

Was it a dick move to discuss what comes next? Well when someone rips off your music that is PRS registered and songwriting. It’s bloody rude! What kind of uneducated numpy would do such a twattish activity…. Well readers… read on….

Here is an example kids – of how not to behave. Unsurprisingly as soon as ‘said individual’ was dropped off home by myself and band manager.. So began ‘you left us for another band assumption’ deletions, (& us being blocked on FB. We high fived!)

The band agrees

All the video song titles from the Facebook page got mysteriously removed. It seems evidentially that songwriters rights are being disrespected and infringed here! When they could just have used the original song titles and let me know, as asked when and where they were played live, so I could claim performance royalties. Very poor activities and complete lack of honesty and integrity from a band. I can understand you were upset at your loss and are completely oblivious to your own distasteful ways. Bibble boo boo. Said individual had also taken over the Facebook page (with my blessing to carry on SC), changed it to the new band name, and even duplicated it. (Double bubble for your fans, whoop!) Individual then requested I ‘like’ their page again. ‘Fuck off sunshine no thanks!’ Alas, Strange Currencies split up after their final gig of 2019. A shame, as I wished them the best to carry on the music and reputation they were building, (I’d find it very odd them now trying to get new gigs off the back of the music from a band that no longer exists) – WELL ANYWAY… AHEM, gold watch cough up. Like I said, I had asked for them to just to let me know when they performed the songs live (so I could claim PRS performance royalties for the ones I’d co written)

The email asking nicely
8th September 2019

But alas they appear to be renaming the songs I co wrote, in a strikingly fraudulent attempt to claim them as the new bands. I expected as much disappointingly. It’s like renaming ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ as a new arrangement and claiming it to be your own! – please also note it was me drumming on the Rules of engagement ‘single’ releases. #PPL


Genuinely good luck to the other musicians in it though. Nice, talented chaps. Wish them well. Its a shame ‘Strange Currencies’ decided to call it a day, I had hoped they would carry on and bloom, after all drummers get replaced all the time. …. Maybe there is a new trend for success, where you change your band name and use the same songs???

I’d heard a band kept a Facebook page that had ‘purchased bot fb likes’ when it was another band, (for a laugh to trick the lead vocalist, who obsessed and measured their success on FB likes alone’….Well anyway…That could be why they don’t get many views or genuine fans who interact. #algorithms darling.

With any band it takes a lot of hard work, networking to get out there an be successful. It can be hard getting gigs as a new band. Building rapport with promotors from scratch, and showing them what you can do for an audiences entertainment. For me it’s about really enjoying ourselves as performers and musicians. Jamming stuff out, improvisation, energy. I love it.

Luckily we have Angela Barker, band manager, who puts in lots of effort with her contacts and builds new relationships and networks. (if you are a disliked idiot, that never made an effort with promoters and spent one gig gobbing off making comments singing ‘Big bag of shite’ chant in soundcheck – expect to not get responses you dick, as your reputation is out there already! (It had been really embarrassing apologising on your behalf!) #axlrose Then there was the time when I was having a drink with The Idolins after playing a gig at Bunkers Hill and the ensuing bitch fit strop of jealous rage, stating I was behaving like Karen (lead vocals) was ‘my musical wife’ – get a grip! 8th May – Dot To Dot Festival 2017 (warning signs!) Ooh there may be book 2 material here?

As the few minority Hobbyists that have been blocked. Clearly don’t get it and have spent more time flicking themselves off to Tricia, than learning how band etiquette, copyright works. Spare rooms become your stage. No thanks for gratitude for the hard work that went it to it when it lasted. You will see in the end though. ‘See you on the other side.’ I’ve personally seen the self important delusion of grandeur that male ego, for some has done to and for them – not a lot. Some of us suffer, some of us stand up. We eventually walk away when you don’t respect us, hear our voices, poo poo our ideas and ideas. I’m lucky work with exceptionally talented and nice people. The minority I have have unfortunate musical experiences with with are the picked scabs that leave a sour taste in a fading memory of failure -‘Why the fuck did I stick it out so long and not listen to my gut instinct. But then I know- everything happens for a reason to lead up to this, when the time is right. In music we have the hobbyists, then we have the passionate professionals and enlightened souls – A number 1 record and financial security is not a reality easily achieved, (that’s the cake icing) – a continued experience of creating and performing is where it is at for us- reimbursement – and exchange for those energies nowadays in the music industry is a bonus. The expectation from some audiences, to just hear ‘familiarity’ that they can sing along to in covers bands’ I’m sure for some is a joy. There is a beautiful thing and rewards in creating original music (PRS, PPL, MCPS). Yes most riffs, melodies nowadays in some ways have been done already to some extent, unless a new alien frequency to feel is discovered – we have 12 notes to play with. It’s about combining them with different instruments, vocals and rhythms.

To examine the reasons why some people in this world continue to play the victim, and are never accountable for their own poor dishonest (like writing your own job references to get jobs!) and frankly shittyness to others behaviours. Being told ‘They’ve had no fun this year ‘ – Erm not my responsibility! I’m grateful of escape, and the slagging me off and muck chucking retaliations are intriguing. Clearly it’s all my fault. ‘Bibble bibble, boo hoo.’ Life is too short to retain these sorts in ones life. Joy Vacuums, fun sponges. It’s important living one’s own life, travelling one’s own path. Sharing adventures. Having fun. Hard work at times. Free rides are fantasy.

FYI You reap what you sow

Us creative people do the easy part and create and jam out tunage. Digital media such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music is a platform to exhibit ones work worldwide. Soundcloud alone has 20 million music creators. Good luck out there! An amoeba in an ocean. Will the fishermen catch the ROE though?

Earth Tree Healing Music (after its initial beginnings in 2014) was fortunate to be picked up and added to Apple Music’s ‘Pure Meditation playlist’ music during 2019. I’m incredibly grateful for that ‘leg up.’ It has helped me now reach 1000’s of plays per month. Which for a unsigned, self published, independent composer from Nottingham, UK is not too shoddy. I make my best music that I’m passionate about. When others enjoy it. It really is brilliant jobsy satisfaction. The royalties help me invest in my music. #lawofattraction #gratitude

Earth Tree Healing Music stats Apple Music January 2020
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In summary: This is a music blog and account of what happens in bandland. (We all know a wanker.) Along the road, we sometimes drive into potholes, through shit, lose our way. Sometimes we’ve got to change vehicles to accelerate. But we continue to adventure to find the sunset, climb the mountain. experience life, love, laughter, good music. When you find you truse musical family. when the time is right. It really does feel wonderful.

Along with instrumental stuff, Earth Tree Healing keeping me extra busy. I’ve been jamming with new band Stinking Rita. What a difference a fresh start with new musicians makes. I had thought I was losing my mojo. I found my blue skies.

Indie Road Movie