I’m still dripping with sweat.  Literally Unplugged. 03/12/2015 = Lovely crowd. Cotton mouth. A quick gulp of whiskey to warm the cockles. (With a rare, soon to be less rare.) Solo live appearance on my other love: Stringed instruments. The Alley Cafe crowd were lovely. http://alleycafe.co.uk/ Thanks you Will Robinson for my Wire & Wool invite.


I depart shortly to the boudoir for happy strum sleep. It’s been a long week in The NHS. A gig tomorrow with my drums at The Understudy awaits with Subway Circus! ROOOOOCK . Far past my usual bedtime. OMG 11pm! I’m a pro. A few randy shandys will perk me up nicely.

Here is Unusual Haunts:

(Thank you for recording wifey / Manager Ange – The new Sharon Osborne who saved me from myself)

We swiftly move into Exit with Ange’s finger (initially)  on the lens!!

Sonic World : “Don’t keep me smiling it’s just not happening…” This is the original.  In Subway Circus we do it slightly different.

Finally. My little young Mandolin came out for strumtastic happenings. With the moreish folky lyrics and discovery storytelling of Exceptional Believers.

Nighty Night. The early bird swings, strums, warbles and will be back soon solo.

~ Claudine


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