With lots of cackles from the audience. “Shushes” during Bingo! Laughter. Entertainment variety. Which if you didn’t go! You missed out on a good night! A great crowd raised over £400 for Nottingham Outburst 

(Outburst is a Youth Group for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or think that they might be. If this is you and you are aged 12 to 25 you would be more than welcome to join)

Here is a clip of my performance.


Its an honour to be given opportunities to help other who like myself struggled with my sexuality.

Thanks to Pete Madon, Jamie Kettle-Madon.


Unison for organising such a good even. Scarlett Tiarra was amazing. WATCH PERFORMANCE HERE ! 


Vocalist Suzanne Lyn got the crowd going


I always wake up on a high after gigs. Adrenalin, swear. The buzz! As the trickles of sweat ran down my face during a performance. My voice almost lost during the last song ‘The poppudom song’ and old classic. I forgave the nerves that cripple me before a performance. With good company and a bingo win. Which will treat us to my domestic bliss world with plants from the garden centre! Rock and Roll I know!  I think I’ve also learnt that eating chili scotch eggs beforehand from Gonalston Farm shop is not wise! Thank goodness for Zantac!


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