Molasses In The Spring with Olaf 

Channelling, words, sentences, thoughts, reads of the week, experiences from the realms of parallels. Olaf is the friend. The friends that gives sweet memories of times in the sunshine. As the pink blossom falls. We travel; I found this music on an old Fostex digital recorder, while sorting deletions and fresh starts in composition. Remembering the lyrics and melodies weren’t there at the time. Today the wanted to come through.

Tokyo at Mohive

Chrono las over

Highway a night drive

Imploding supernova


Molasses in the spring with Olaf

Birds of paradise in the garden


Nephilim in darkness

Corroded movers

They shake new world orders

Roll it under

Make it thunder

Break the man in two


Machina took it out on toucan

The words and menopause

The losers in the blue room

Empty wards have active soul wanderers 


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